Tips on Properly Storing Your Medication

Tips to help you safeguard your medications at home:

  • Do not store medicines in public areas, like the bathroom or the kitchen.
  • Keep the child safe side of the lid on all containers.
  • Keep pills in the original containers in case a child does take a pill and you need to report that to emergency teams.
  • Check the pill count often to make sure pills are not being taken one at a time.
  • Keep all medicines in a locked area. Use a locked room, drawer or box or any box you can put a lock on. You can purchase special medicine lock containers or safes.
  • Do not save medicines once you are no longer taking them. You may forget what medicines you have and a child may find them.
  • Remove all your medicines out of areas where workers will be in your home.

Tips to help you safeguard your medications when traveling:

  • Use the safe in your hotel room. Medications left on the counter or bedside table may be temptation to hotel staff.
  • If staying in a home with children, let your host know you have medications and ask for their assistance with safe storage.
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